Ways that you can help and support women-owned businesses

Offer coaching or mentorship to female entrepreneurs

Aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners are always in need of advise, support and guidance when starting or running their own businesses. Why not offer your skills and professional expertise such as mentoring, coaching and counselling to women who are navigating the world of entrepreneurship.

Invest in a female entrepreneur or a woman business owner

One of the main challenges that female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses face when starting up their business is the lack of startup capital or funding. Therefore if more women could secure enough funding to turn their ideas into viable businesses they would grow and scale up more successfully. So if you are an individual, business or organisation with financial capability to support women businesses you can do so through investing in their startup or business.

Hire a female entrepreneur or specialist

There are many female freelancers and independent professionals with proven skills, experience and expertise across the UK who offer specialised services to other businesses and organisations. Why not consider hiring from this pool of women who offer affordable and flexible specialised services.

Partner with a female entrepreneur

Partnerships are critical to many businesses particularly micro, small and SMEs as they add value and credibility to these businesses. Therefore its vital that women-owned businesses are supported through such partnerships. All you need to do is find a female entrepreneur whose business align with yours and see how you might both benefit from such a partnership.

Shop at a business owned by a female entrepreneur

As a way of showing support for female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses why not make an effort to buy a product or service from a business operated by women. For every time you support women-owned businesses you support the entire community and the economy. You can either find a local business or find women-owned businesses through our SWOB directory.

Help promote women-owned businesses on social media

We all know or may know how effective and powerful social media platforms and channels are in our lives nowadays. Individuals use social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect, communicate and engage with friends and businesses. Why not use your social media to promote women-owned businesses, products and services to people within your network.

Offer special partnership packages to female business owners

Micro, small and medium businesses are always seeking partners from both private and public organisations who provide vital products and services to small businesses across the UK. If you are a corporate or organisation you can support female entrepreneurs or women-owned businesses by offering vital products and services to them. These would include discounts and offers on consultation, free initial consultation or discounts on legal, accounting, finance and any other services.

Become a sponsor at a women-owned businesses event

If you are an individual, business or organisation why not sponsor an organised by women-owned businesses. You can also offer to give a talk, support or some inspirational session at the event.

Sponsor a female entrepreneur for a program or training

If you are an individual, business or organisation why not sponsor a female entrepreneur or entrepreneurs for a program or training to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Invite a female entrepreneur to speak or sit on your panel

Women are often under presented at events such as funding, speaking and business judging panels. Why not invite a female entrepreneur to speak or sit on any of your event panels.

Gift or share a book by a female entrepreneur

Do you have a friend, family or know any female entrepreneur? Why not give them a book by a female entrepreneur to inspire or motive them on their entrepreneurial journey? Alternatively, you can simply support a female entrepreneur by buying their book and learn more about their journey.

Share your entrepreneurial journey with other female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are always seeking inspiring stories from other women who have managed to start and build a business and to hear from their journey, challenges and barriers they overcame and how keep positive and focused. Why not share your story with others to inspire and motivate them.

Leave a review whenever you purchase from women-owned businesses

Business, product and services reviews and testimonials critical in today’s business environment hence it’s very important for businesses to hear feedback from their customers to understand what they think about them or their offerings. Customer feedback also helps others to learn about products and services. So why not help women-owned businesses by leaving some feedback every time you make a purchase.

Offer to host a women-owned businesses event

Do you own or have any space or venue that can be used for events? Why not offer female entrepreneurs or women-owned businesses to hold their events at your location or venue either for free or at a discounted rate. This will also be great publicity for your business as well as your venue as people will hear about your generosity as well as your venue. If you don’t have a suitable place yourself why not hold your next event at any of the venues or locations operated by a female entrepreneur.

Send an inspiring note to a female entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, established or not why not think of sending a personal note to an aspiring or female entrepreneur that you know. And if you are a female entrepreneur yourself why not send an inspiring note to another female entrepreneur to inspire and motivate them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Connect female entrepreneurs to industry networks and experts

One of the major barrier to women starting and building successful businesses is lack of access to industry networks and experts. If you are an expert in your field or know of any industry networks or experts why not connect female entrepreneurs that you know to them for valuable support. Also if you run a networking group why not invite them or offer them discounted membership.

Make a donation to any organisation that supports female entrepreneurs

One way of supporting female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses is through donations to organisations that support and empower women to start their own businesses. There are several organisations across the UK who offer help and business support to aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners.