About SWOB

Created by Untapped FR SWOB Directory is a curated and dedicated online directory for women-owned businesses across the UK to showcase their products and services businesses and raise visibility of their businesses.

We showcase and promote amazing micro, small and medium-sized businesses founded and operated by women across the UK. Through our directory we hope to increase visibility of female entrepreneurs and business owners as well as raise much needed awareness of some of the products and services offered by women-owned businesses.

Our ever-growing SWOB Directory features products and services provided by female entrepreneurs and business owners across the UK.

So if you are a female entrepreneur or business owner looking to increase visibility of your business, products and services or ways to showcase your business please feel free to get in touch.

About Untapped FR

Untapped FR is an online portal whose mission is to help and support women to create and grow meaningful and sustainable business ventures across the UK. We bring together aspiring female entrepreneurs, early stage start-ups and women-owned businesses of all shapes and sizes from all sectors. We also connect, empower and increase visibility of women looking to start or grow their businesses.

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